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Cruises in the Arctic Ocean

With a cruise through the Arctic Ocean you retire in a land of great natural phenomena, a unique "expedition" through the world of icebergs, fjords, rushing waterfalls and glaciers. You will see and experience a breathtaking contrasting nature - immersed in the colorful and vibrant arctic light at the "end of the world". Our cruise ships take you to the most beautiful and desolated islands in the world.  You can see the wonders of the tundra, Norway’s fjords, the glaciers of Svalbard, elemental forces of the Earth in Iceland with its volcanoes and geysers and the North Cape, the unique northern turning point in Europe. The Arctic Ocean borders many interesting countries: Russia, Alaska, Canada, Lapland, to the Island of Greenland, Lapland, Norway and Svalbard. With the cozy comfort of a cruise ship, you will discover the secrets of the Arctic and the Arctic Ocean at its best. Whether it’s the quiet solitude of the Arctic Islands, Franz Josef Land, besieged by the frozen sea, the volcanic world of the Aleutian Islands, Spitsbergen with its mountain summits piercing the sky or the impressive metropolis of the White Sea. This cruise through the Arctic Ocean offers endless highlights. Now and then, it even offers the rare opportunity to drive through the legendary Northeast Passage with a high-powered icebreaker. The Northeast Passage is one of the least accessible seaways of all the oceans and to drive through this seaway, is one of the unique trips worthy of experiencing. Anyone who loves the unusual, this great cruise in the North Country through the Arctic Ocean is a unique experience. We guarantee an extra class vacation.

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  • Alger-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Anadyr, Sibirien, Anchorage, Appolonov-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Arakamchechen, Russland, Archangelsk, Ayon, Sibirien, Bell Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Belyi-Insel, Bennett-Insel, Neusibirische Inseln, Big Diomede Island, Bogoslav Island, Kamtschatka, Champ-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Chankliut Island, Chapoma, Crocker Bay, Nunavut, Einsamkeit Insel, Fort Conger, Ellesmere Island, Franz-Joseph-Land, Groswater Bay, Labrador, Hall-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Helsinki, Herald Island, Hooker-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Inchoun, Sibirien, Isachenko, Kirov-Inseln, Izvestiy-Insel, Jackson-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Janrakynnot, Sibirien, Kamen, Kamtschatka Halbinsel, Kap Deschnjow, Sibirien, Kap Dezhnev, Sibirien, Kap Flora, Northbrook-Insel; Franz-Joseph-Land, Kap Heller; Wilczek-Land, Franz-Joseph-Land, Kap Kekurny, Kap Tegetthoff, Hall-Insel; Franz-Joseph-Land, Kap Tscheljuskin, Sibirien, Kap Vankarem, Koljutschino, Sibirien, Kolyuchin-Insel, Sibirien, Kolyuchinskaya-Bucht, Labrador, Lavrentiya, Sibirien, Ljachow-Inseln, Sibirien, Lorino, Sibirien, Medweschji-Inseln, Meynypilgyno, Morzhovets Island, Morzovaya Bucht, Kamtschatka, Moskau, Murmansk, Nagurskoye, Franz Josef Land, Naukan, Sibirien, Neusibirische Inseln, Neusibirischen Inseln, Nokolsoye, Nome, Nordpol, Northbrook-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Nowaja Semlja, Orange Islands, Oslo, Paris, Pevek, Port Clarence, Prowidenija, Sibirien, Pyalitsa, Sewernaja Semlja, Shoyna, Solovetsky Insel, Stolbovoy Island, Stolichky-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Tiksi, Tokio, Tschuktschen-Halbinsel, Uelen, Sibirien, Ushakova Cape, Wrangelinsel, Sibirien, Ushki, Vankarem, Sibirien, Victoria Island, Vise-Insel, Waigatsch-Insel, Whale Bone Alley, Yttygran, Wilczek-Land, Franz-Joseph-Land, Wilkizki-Insel, Wrangelinsel, Sibirien, Yanrakynnot, Yittigran, Sibirien, Zarubino, Zarya Halbinsel, Zayatskiye Island

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