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Кругосветный круиз

A cruise around the world is a unique experience . A world tour on a cruise ship is superlative ! Find out which areas are of particular interest to you and then select one of our many world cruise routes. You can take a great world tour or if you do not have so much time even a small world tour. On board our luxury / comfort cruise ships - whether you travel only a section or the whole world - you can indulge in fresh sea air , sun, and a refined ambience around the clock and still see the whole world .You travel to the most beautiful countries in the world , countless ports , different continents , modern cities , bustling metropolises and small picturesque towns and islands. On a cruise through the world's oceans there will be no end to your astonishment . The most amazing natural spectacles , beautiful coastlines, enchanting islands, majestic cities and historical places you will encounter as well as endless white sand beaches, rare animal and plant species , glaciers , fjords, jungles , tropical rain forests , deserts and lonely expanses . The whole multifaceted kingdom of the earth you can marvel at on a world cruise and discover pyramids, temples and shrines , oriental markets , skyscrapers , high-tech cities , wilderness, unusual cheerfulness and hospitality you will encounter everywhere on this world tour . Take at least once in your lifetime a small or a great world tour on a cruise ship. You will be happy and experience the feeling of infinite gain.