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Haven lijst - Rusland

The region around Achtuba by the Wolga is popular for its beauty and pure air, as well as favoured by hunters for the richness of fish and game. Through the whole year comfortable recreation homes are open there, which are gladly visited by Russians as well as by foreigners.
The Franz-Joseph-Land, a island chain, belonging to Russia in the north Arctic Sea, north of the great double-island Nowaja Semja. The mostly ice-covered and uninhabited archipelago was discovered in august 1873 by the Austrian-Hungarian north pole-expedition of Payer/Weyprecht and was named after emperor Franz-Joseph. In 1886 and 1895, the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen continued the exploration. In 1926, the land was under Soviet sovereignty.. The access is ice free only for a few weeks in summer (and not every year) and requires a special approval.
Anadyr is de hoofdstad van de Oost-Russische regio Tsjoekotka (Azië) met ca. 11.000 inwoners.
De havenstad bevindt zich aan de kust van de Beringzee, aan de monding van de Anadyr in de Baai van Anadyr. Hiermede is hij verbonden met de Beringstraat.
De vissershaven van Anadyr bevindt zich aan de binnenzijde van de gelijknamige baai die tevens als zoetwatervoorziening dient voor deze plaats.

The island Appolonov belongs to Franz Josef Land, which lies the middle of the Arctic Ocean . The archipelago Franz Joseph is very close to the North Pole and is, apart from a small Russian military base, uninhabited. Nature on the islands of the archipelago is accordingly still untouched and wild, but also arctic barren.
Arkhangelsk (the name actually comes from "Archangel") is a port city in western Russia. It has about 350,000 inhabitants and is located on the White Sea at the mouth of the Northern Dvina. According to legend, Arkhangelsk was already founded in the 10th century. A monastery was built. As of the 16th century Archangelsk experienced an upswing through its harbor, where many traders developed their businesses. Thus many foreign merchants came to Arkhangelsk, actual districts were built for these merchants. With the founding of St. Petersburg, the city lost its key role as "gateway to Europe".
Astrakhan is a city of around 500,000 inhabitants in the Volga delta. The city was already founded in the 6th century. And was already important then as a trading center. Because of the long history there are in Astrakhan some sights from different eras.
Atlasova is a small island, which belongs to the Kuriles. The island is particularly fondly called at because here is the highest volcano in the archipelago. Therefore the landscape is especially charming.
Pillau has been banned under the name Baltijsk as year-round ice-free port of the largest port in the Soviet Baltic Fleet and remained even after the opening of the Konigsberg area.
Pillau was always the seaport of Konigsberg. It lies on Pillauer Sea Deep that was formed in 1479 as breakthrough through the Vistula Lagoon  and which also became navigable through another storm in 1510.
Only recently, it may - also for foreigners - be visited with special permission. Baltiysk lies north of Pillauer Sea Deep which separates the peninsula from the Vistula Spit Samland. It is also the most southern place of the Amber Coast. Overland  Kaliningrad, formerly Konigsberg (Prussia) is about 60 km away.
The Franz Josef Land is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean north of the large double island Novaya Zemlya.
During the Cold War, the entire archipelago was because of its geostrategic position military zone and unreachable for civilians. On the Greem-Bell Island a bomber squadron was stationed.
Greem-Bell has the longest runway in the archipelago (2,100 m). Here take off and land even heavy transportation machines.
The archipelago lies on the edge of the pack ice, that is, north of the archipelago the ice does not break not even in the summer, but drifts circumpolarly. But also further south vast ice fields cover almost 70% of the northern Barents Sea.
The White Sea Canal, in Russian Belomorsko-Baltiysky canal is a 227-km-long wateway, combined of rivers, lakes and artificial sections from  Povenets on Lake Onega up to Belomorsk on the White Sea in the north.It  is part of the White Sea-Baltic Waterway, which connects Saint Petersburg with the Barents Sea.
A walk on the shore and a visit to the polar station of the Belyi Island are highly interesting.
De Beringeiland ligt het grootste van de eilanden van de commandant behorend tot Rusland, een groep eilanden tussen Noord-Amerika en het Aziatisch continent, in de Beringzee, Noord-Pacific. Voor de eerste keer werden ontdekt ze in 1741 door de Russische marineofficier Vitus Bering, in de loop van zijn tweede Kamtsjatka-expeditie. Ongeveer 800 mensen wonen vandaag voort de Beringeiland, de meeste van hen in het dorp van Nikolskoje, op de Noord-westkust.
Bogorodskoje is a small village in the Moscow region, which is famous for the production of wooden toys.
The island Broutona belongs to the Russian Kuriles, an island chain in the Pacific Ocean between Siberia and Japan.
Khabarovsk is a Russian city on the Amur, located near the border with China. It is the capital of Khabarovsk Krai and the Russian Federal District Far East. After Vladivostok Khabarovsk is with its approximately 570,000 inhabitants, the second largest city in Russia's Far East. The city was founded by Russian soldiers as fort on the border with China almost 150 years ago. Today Khabarovsk extends over more than 40 kilometers along the Amur. With the construction of the railway bridge across the Amur, the construction of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway was completed here in 1916.
De Champ eiland behoort ten noorden van Nova Zembla en Spitsbergen gelegen op het Franz Josef Land, een archipel. Het omvat in totaal 191 eilanden. 83 procent van het grondgebied is bedekt met eeuwige ijs. Het Silhouet Champa is indrukwekkend: steile kliffen en de hoogste ijs bedekte bergen van de archipel.
Khanty-Mansiysk is a Russian city with around 72,000 inhabitants located on the banks of the river Irtysh. Established was the place in 1930 as a workers' settlement. Thanks to the oil production industry Khanty-Mansiysk is today one of the richest cities in the country.
The volcanic island Chirinkotan belongs to the Russian Kuriles, an island chain in the Pacific Ocean between Siberia and Japan. Only a small part of the island (9 km²) is located outside the water. The 724-meter-high stratovolcano last erupted 1986.
Dapparaj is a small village with about 100 inhabitants, located in the Republic of Yakutia, on the banks of the river Lena.
The Dezhnev Bay is located in Kamchatka, a peninsula in the east Asian part of Russia. Parts of this magnificent volcanic landscapes have been included by UNESCO in the list of world nature heritage in the year 1996.
Dimitrovgrad is a great city with around 128,000 inhabitants located on the banks of the river Melekes. In 1698 on the territory of the present town a first settlement named" Melekess' was built. In 1972 it was named on the occassion of the 90th anniversary of the Bulgarian politician Georgi Dimitrov after him.
Ekarma is an island of the Kuril Islands, a 1,200-kilometer Russian island chain with more than 30 large and small islands of volcanic origin. The islands connect like a bridge the Russian Kamtschaka with the Japanese Hokkaido. Thus they separate the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. After a long dispute between Russia and Japan that is still not settled, all Kuril Islands belong to Russia today. The 30 km2 Ekarma is part of the northern group of the island chain.
De kleine bisschoppelijke stad Yelabuga is een kleine stad in de Russische republiek Tatarstan, gelegen aan de rechteroever van de rivier de Kama, op 960 km van Moskou. Het herbergt ongeveer 70.000 mensen. De oorsprong van Jelabuga gaat terug tot de 11e eeuw, toen Wolgabulgaren hier een grensfort vestigde. In de 16e eeuw werd een Russisch dorp gesticht in het hedendaagse stedelijke gebied. In 1780 heeft Jelabuga zijn stadsrechten ontvangen.
Franz Josef Land is a Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Located northeast of Spitsbergen its northernmost point is located only about 900 km from the North Pole. The approximately 190 islands are of volcanic origin and today covered permanently 80% with ice. In 1865, the archipelago was sighted by the Norwegian sealers Nils Fredrik Rönnebeck, but for the time kept secret. In 1868, he then took some of the islands in Norway in possession and called them "Ronne Beck's Land". Officially, the islands were discovered in 1873 by the Austria-Hungarian North Pole expedition and they received within that time the present name, in honor of Emperor Franz Joseph I.
Near Goritzy lies one of the formerly most significant monasteries of Russia, the Kirillow Beloserski monastery. Today an interesting and famous icon museum can be visited here. The monastery lies approximately 15 km away from Goritzy and was established in the 15th century. It is so impressive that it can be compared with the imposing Troize Sergij monastery in Sagorsk near Moscow.
Gorodetz is an artist colony, several galleries can be visited here.
Franz Josef Land is an archipelago belonging to Russia. About 60 islands make up the archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. In 1873 it was discovered within the Austro-Hungarian expedition Weyprecht and Payer and named after the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I.. Closed for a long time it may be visited today by special permission. Hall was the island, that promted Julius Payer to his stormy joyful cry "Land, land, land at last!".
The Hooker Island is part of the Franz Josef Land, a Russian archipelago. About 60 islands make up the archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. In 1873 it was discovered within the Austro-Hungarian expedition by Weyprecht and Payer and named after the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. For a long time closed, it may be visited today by special permission.
The village Ilievska is located in the southeast of Russia on the River Don.
Incheon is located in Siberia, the far east of Russia by the Arctic Sea. In this remote area one has the opportunity to admire a unique untouched flora and fauna.
Irma is located in Russia on the Volga River, just north of the Rybinsk Reservoir. The small village is surrounded by green forests.
Iturup is the largest island of the Kuril Islands between Japan and Russia. The port is located in the capital Kurilsk. The exciting place shows something of the conflict between Russia and Japan and still lives its own life. You best take a spontaneous discovery tour.
The island Izvestiy lies north of Russia in the Kara Sea. It was originally discovered in search of a sea route to Asia through the Arctic waters. Today it is known for its special arctic landscape and the variety of species that live here and can also be seen without much effort.
The Jackson Island is part of the  Franz Josef Land Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean which belongs to Russia. When searching for the Northeast Passage the islands named after the Austrian Emperor were discovered by the Austro-Hungarian expedition in 1873.
Yakutsk is a city in Siberia, Russia, located on the River Lena. With its around 240,000 inhabitants, it is the capital of the Republic of Sakha (also: Yakutia). Yakutsk was founded in the mid-17th century from a "Ostrog" a settlement surrounded by a picket fence as was founded in the wake of Russia's conquest of Siberia in many places. Since its foundation the city was a starting point for countless expeditions to explore Siberia. Yakutsk is now an economic and cultural center of north-easter Siberia.
Jankitscha is an island belonging to the Ushishir Islands, which in turn are part of the Kuril Islands, a 1,200-km-long East Asian island chain of volcanic origin belonging to Russia. The Kurils connect, like a bridge, the Russian peninsula Kamtschaka with the Japanese Hokkaido. The Dutch explorer Maarten Gerritsz Vries landed on the island group in 1643 as the first West European. Since the mid-19th century, the Kuril Islands have become a bone of contention between Russia and Japan. The conflict of interest has not yet been resolved to this day.
Janrakynnot is a small Russian village on the Bering Sea. This area is home to the Yuits, the direct descendants of the first Siberian settlers in Alaska. In the village Janrakynnot live the Chukchi that live from hunting walruses, whales and other marine animals.
Yaroslavl is a Russian city on the Volga. With around 605,000 inhabitants, it is also the capital of the Yaroslavl Oblast. It is located in the European part of the country, about 280 kilometers northeast of Moscow. In the Middle Ages Yaroslavl was the capital of a principality. According to tradition the city was founded in 1010 by the Russian ruler Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev as a fortress on the right bank of the Volga. Today it is one of the main Volga ports and a thriving commercial center. The city is part of the "Golden Ring", a group of ancient Russian cities in the European part of Russia and a popular tourist center. The old town of Yaroslavl counts since 2005 to the UNESCO world heritage.
Yekaterinburg, with around 1.3 million inhabitants, is an important industrial and university city in the Urals and at the same time Russia's fourth largest city. The official founding of Yekaterinburg by the Russian statesman Vasily Tatistchev took place in 1723. Here was built the first steam locomotive in Russia. The city became known worldwide at the beginning of the 20th century when the Bolsheviks shot the last tsar Nicholas II and his entire family in Yekaterinburg.
The present city of Kaliningrad was founde in 1945 on the ruins of the completely destroyed German city of Königsberg. Today there live 450,000 mainly Russian residents.Kaliningrad is the westernmost city in Russia, it borders on the peninsula Samland. Kaliningrad is as completely
ice-free port all year round an important Russian site for the shipbuilding industry. Besides, it is also basis of a large fishing fleet and has furniture and automotive industry.
Kamenistaya Bay is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far Eastern part of Russia between the Bering Strait and the Sea of Okhotsk. The peninsula is relatively thinly populated. Besides Russians live there following ethnic groups: Koryak, Itelmen, Evens, Chukchi, Aleuts.
Cape Deshnev Became famous in Siberia in 1959 through a six-part television movie based on the novel by Josef Martin Bauer "As far as your feet will carry" The German Lieutenant Colonel Clemens Forell manages in 1949 to escape from a Russian prison camp. It ends happily, after 14208 Km in Theheran. Siberia covers an area of about ten million square kilometers. The east-west extent is about 7,000 km, from the Urals to the mountains of the Pacific watershed. From the Arctic Ocean to the southern end Siberia covers an area of about 3500 km. The southern boundary form the Kazakh hills and mountains on the borders with Mongolia and China.The average annual temperature is in Siberia less than 0 ° Celsius.
Cape Flora is located in front of the island of Northbrook belonging to Franz Josef Land separated from it by a 250-m-wide strait. This Russian archipelago of volcanic origin comprises about 190 islands and is located northeast of Spitzbergen in the Arctic Ocean. The Northbrook Island was named after Thomas Baring, 1st earl of Northbrook. It is located in the southern part of the archipelago and is relatively easy to access.
"Who has never been in Siberia, never experienced the endless expanse of the taiga, never saw the Baikal and has never celebrated with friends - on its grave the weeds are growing," said a visitor about Siberia, this inhospitable land whose annual average temperature is at zero degrees. Cape Geka is called at by cruise ships on the route Behring Strait -  Arctic Circle.
The Cape Heller is on Wilczek Land, one of the islands of Franz Josef Land, a Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The second largest island of this group, whose land area is almost completely glaciated, was originally discovered by the Tegetthoff Expedition (1872-74) and named in honor of their main sponsor, the Austrian polar explorer Johann Nepomuk Graf Wilczek.
Cape Navarin is on the very sparsely populated peninsula of Chukotka, also called Chukchi Peninsula, in the far northeast of Russia.
Cape Tegetthoff is on the Russian Hall Island, one of the larger islands of the Franz Josef Land, in the Arctic Ocean. The island officially discoverd in 1873  was named after the American polar explorer Charles Francis Hall (1821 - 1871). An expedition under the American airship pioneer Walter Wellmann set up in 1898/99 at Cape Tegetthoff a winter camp and named it after the Austria-Hungarian navy admiral William Tegetthoff.
Kazan is de hoofdstad van de autonome republiek Tatarstan, gelegen in Rusland, aan de Wolga. De stad heeft ongeveer 1.110.000 inwoners en is een belangrijk knooppunt voor techniek en transport, evenals het centrum van de islam in Rusland. Kazan werd opgericht in het jaar 1005 door Wolgabulgaren. In 1552 verwerkte Tsaar Ivan IV "de Verschrikkelijke" de stad in het Russische rijk.
The Oka is the largest right tributary of the Volga River in Russia. The Oka is 1,500 km long and flows into the Volga in the center of Nizhny Novgorod. The Oka is navigable on a length of 1,200 km from Serpukhov. Kasimov is a medium city on the Oka.
The Kuril Islands are an island chain about 1200 km long belonging to Russia with more than 30 large and small islands of volcanic origin in East Asia. They connect like a bridge, the Russian Kamchatka with the Japanese Hokkaido. About 100 volcanoes, of which 39 are active, very frequent earthquakes, snowstorms and fog in the subarctic climate make the islands that lie in fish-rich waters inhospitable.

The island chain separates the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Okhotsk. The nature on the islands is relatively untouched. The Kuril Islands are considered one of the most scenic areas of the world. They belong administratively to the Russian Oblast Sakhalin.
Kholmsk is a city on the Russian island of Sakhalin. It has about 33,000 inhabitants and is located on the southwest coast of the island. In 1870 Kholmsk was founded as a Russian military post, from 1905 until 1945 it belonged after the Treaty of Portsmouth which ended the Russo-Japanese War (1904 - 1905) , under the name Maoka ("true hill") to Japan. In 1946 again under Russian sovereignty Kholmsk was granted city status. Today the city is dominated by the shipping and the fishing industry. The port of Kholmsk serves as a sea, ferry and fishing port.
Kimry is a city with a population of 50,000, located in central Russia, on the banks of the Volga Uglich Reservoir, 200 km north of Moscow. In 1547 the former small craft and fishing place was first mentioned under by its old name of ‚Kimra’.
Kizhi - Pogost is an island in the Onega Lake. During the ice-free time you reach the island in northern Russia by boat from Petrozavodsk. Kizhi means island in English and pogost was an administrative unit in ancient Russia Today, however, pogost means "cemetery with church".
Een klein eiland, ligt voor de kust van het Tsjoektsjenschiereiland in het uiterste noordoosten van Ruslands Koljutschino.
In the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean lies the Kolyuchin Island, a wild reserve with thousands of nesting cormorants and puffins.
The Commander Islands are an archipelago between the Aleutian Islands to the east and the northern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula in the west, on the southern edge of the North Pacific Bering Sea. In 1741 they were discovered by Vitus Bering in the context of the second Kamchatka expedition. Originally, the islands were uninhabited and were first settled around 1925 by Aleutian immigrants themselves who settled here for seal and whale hunting. The islands are now one part of East Siberia and are inhabited by Asian fur hunters and traders. By far the largest island of the group is the Bering Island.
Komsomolsk-na-Amure is a city in Russia's Khabarovsk region with around 276,000 inhabitants. The city, located on the left bank of the Amur River is the cultural center of the region with universities, theaters and museums. Originally, the area belonged to China and came under Russian rule only in 1858. Komsomolsk was founded in 1932 by members of the communist youth organization in the Soviet Union, the Komsomol and developed in the 20th century into a major industrial center.
Kaliningrad is as year-round ice-free port an important Russian site for the shipbuilding industry. Besides, it is also the basis of a large Fischereiflotte.From Baltiysk in Kaliningrad there is a regular ferry service to Saint Petersburg, as well as to Copenhagen, Riga and Kiel.
Konstantinovo is one of the cities of the "Golden Ring"
The "Golden Ring" of Russia are called the old Russian cities which lie around Moscow within 50 to 500 km. The routes, which pass through these cities, show visitors the exciting history of the origin of Russia.It is long time ago, when the evacuees arrived in these places and built their settlements on the banks of the majestic streams and on the shores of pristine lakes.
Korsakov is een stad gelegen in de zuidelijke punt van het tot Rusland behorende eiland Sachalin, in het noordelijke gedeelte van de Grote Oceaan (ten noorden van Japan). De afmeting tussen noord en zuid bedraagt ca. 700 km. Op het eiland bevinden zich de belangrijkste aardgasbronnen van Rusland.
Mari is dat een stad El met ongeveer 25.000 inwoners, gelegen in de autonome Republiek Mari El in het oostelijke deel van Europees Rusland aan de oevers van de Wolga. De nederzetting Kozmodemjansky 1609 werd voor het eerst genoemd als een stad was gebouwd in 1583.