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Anguilla (Bovenwindse eilanden) / Caribbean

Anguilla (Spanish for "eel") is is one of the leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico. Politically, the island is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Anguilla still includes several small uninhabited coral islands.
The climate is tropical, tempered by easterly winds. Hurricanes and other tropical storms can be expected from July to October.
Anguilla is a flat, elongated reef chalk limestone, only 25 kilometers long, nowhere wider than 6 km and at the most 62 meters high. Although the steep volcanic slopes of the neighboring island of St. Martin are in sight, Anguilla sometimes shines like a big raft, floating in the vast sea, and not as a firm island.
On Anguilla only live about 7 000 people. There are almost exclusively black and mulattoes, descendants of African slaves, in whose veins partly flows some Irish blood. They live mainly from fishing, from their small vegetable gardens and orchards, their free-roaming goats and more recently also from tourism. Incidentally on Anguilla everybody knows each each; you greet each other friendly, maybe change a few words, and no car passes another without drivers nodding or waving to each other.

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