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Torvik / Norway

The west Norwegian village of Torvik on the island of Leinøya is part of the municipality of Herøy (8,500 inhabitants) located in the Sunnmøre region south-west of Ålesund. Torvik is, coming from from Bergen, the second port which the northbound ships of the Hurtigruten call at. In addition to fishing, farming and working in the surrounding shipbuilding industry, the main source of income for the inhabitants is tourism.

Only 20 km from Torvik lies the famous Vogelinsel Runde, Norway's southernmost bird rock. The breeding colonies of about 500,000 seabirds (thirteen gulls, parrots, crows and about 20 other bird species) are found in the up to 250-m-high rock faces in the west of the island. Large parts of the island are protected by nature and may not be entered during the period from the middle of March to the end of August. To get a real impression of the breeding colonies, one should participate in one of the island tours offered. On the other hand, the colony of the parrots is a good sight to observe.

Route list at the port Torvik / Norway

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Port of call: Torvik


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