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Haven lijst - Vanuatu

Vanuato consists of a disconnected double-chain of islands, which reaches more than 900 kilometres in a north-south-east direction. With the Banks- and Torres islands, the chain contains 80 islands and islets. The close-forested, hilly islands are of volcanic origin and there are five active volcanos. On the coasts, small land stripes are agriculturally used. The island Ambrym is famous for its active volcano and the beauty of the woodcarvings, which are made here. It is also the island of the magicians and vanuatu´s centre of black magic.
The palm-lined Champagne Bay, one of the most picturesque places throughout the Caribbean Islands is located on the east coast of Espiritu Santo, the largest island of Vanuatu.
Espiritu Santo (Spanish for "Holy Spirit") is with 3,677 km2, the largest island in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. This archipelago consisting of 83 islands respectively island groups has around 200,000 inhabitants. Espiritu Santo got its name in 1606, when the Portuguese navigator Pedro Fernández de Quirós mistakenly believed upon his arrival on the island to have landed on Terra Australis Incognita (terra "country," australis "south" , the ancient designation of a hypothetical southern continent). As a result he named the island  La Australia del Espíritu Santo.
The Loh Island is part of the Torres Archipelago in the South Pacific which in turn to Vanuatu which forms the New Hebrides. The island Loh is one of the northernmost which is why it has developed a very own cultureand it only has a few inhabitants.
The Espiritu Santo Island is a wonderful beauty in the midst of the Pacific. The capital Luganville is one of the largest of the state of Vanuatu to which the island belongs. The port is therefore also of particular international importance and also has very special charms.
Mystery Island is een klein offshore eiland voor het eiland Aneityum, helemaal in het zuiden van de eilandstaat Vanuatu in het zuidelijke gedeelte van de Grote Oceaan. Er leven ongeveer 200.000 mensen op deze archipel die besataat uit 83 eilanden en eilandgroepen.
Malakula is the second largest island of Vanuatu, the island consisting of 83 islands and island groups. About 20,000 people live on this island, whose largest settlement is Lakatoro.
The island of Tanna with its 20,000 inhabitants is part of the sovereign island state of Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific. The first traces of human settlement  already date back to the 3rd millennium BC. On Tanna is the Yasur, one of seven active volcanoes of the country.
The Torres Islands, consisting of six smaller islands - Hiu, Metoma, Tegua, Linua, Loh, Toga - are the northernmost part of the Vanuatu island chain in the South Pacific and are of volcanic origin. Only four of the islands are inhabited.
Uréparapara is een van Banks Island, een archipel met ongeveer 5.000 inwoners, die deel uitmaakt van de eilandstaat Vanuatu. Het eiland bestaat uit een voormalige vulkanische kegel aan de oostkust waarvan de zee een baai heeft gegraven. Uréparapara is onder meer bekend van de etnografische film "Description of an Island" uit 1979.
De eilandstaat Vanuatu (voormalige Nieuwe Hebriden) ligt in de zuidelijke Grote Oceaan (Melanesië). Vanuatu is een eilandengroep die bestaat uit 82 vulkanische eilandjes die een hoogte bereiken tot maar liefst 1800 meter en die overwegend zijn bedekt met tropisch regenwoud. De hoofdstad Port-Vila bevindt zich op het eiland Éfaté. Bijzonder opmerkelijk is de actieve vulkaan Mt. Yasur op het eiland Tanna, en de Manaro op het eiland Aoba.
Wala is a small island in the South Pacific, not far from Malakula, the second largest island of Vanuatus. This little remote paradise on earth is only quite seldom listed in travel guides.