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Kiska Island, Aleoeten, Alaska / Alaska (VS)

Aout 10,000 years ago  "Unagan", Siberian nomads settled on the Aleutians. The harsh weather conditions along the coasts of the Bering forced the inhabitants of the region to a high adaptability. Otherwise they could not have survived in this inhospitable landscape. Their only means of livelihood was fishing and the hunting of marine mammals.
The island chain of the Aleutian Islands extends like an outstretched finger into the Bering Sea and is about 2,000 km long. The islands are known for their misty coasts and many rainy days. They are a paradise for bird watchers who can go stalking in numerous nature reserves.
The islands of Attu and Kiska were the scene of fighting between Japanese and Americans in WWII. Thousands were killed in heavy fog, committed suicide, died of starvation or were taken prisoners. The Russians sold off the islands along the Bering Strait in 1867 for $ 7.2 million to the United States.

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Aankomsthaven: Kiska Island, Aleoeten, Alaska


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