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Al khums / Libië

The desert-city Al Khums has got 149,642 residents and is popular as meeting point of the bedouins. More famous and interesting is Leptis Magna, which is located 5 kilometres off Al Khums. It is one of the most important relicts of the past. Leptis Magna is a city with approx. 100,000 citizens and was built by the Romans. Leptis offers unimagined, detailed views into the Roman past. Well preserved are the colosseum and the theatre, the basilica and the thermal springs. The residents of Leptis Magna used to live very comfortable, not only because of the running water and developed canalization, but also due to a modern infrastructure and an excellent food supply. The veterans of the Roman empire managed the hinterland of Leptis and grew there mainly grain and olive groves. This is the reason, why Lybia was supposed to be the granary of the Roman empire.

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