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Азорские острова / Португалия

The archipelago of the Azores (Ilhas dos Açores, in English : Habicht Islands) are a group of nine major and several smaller Portuguese Atlantic islands, which lie about 1,500 kilometers west of mainland Europe and another 3,600 km to the east of North America. Administratively  the Azores form an autonomous region of Portugal. Coin finds suggest that the Azores have already been visited in ancient times by the Phoenicians. In 1427 they were visited by Diogo de Silves on behalf of Henry the Navigator and taken in possession by Portugal. Already in the middle of the 15th century began the colonization of the islands. Quickly they became an important base on the way to the possessions in Central and South America. With the beginning of the 19th century the Azores experienced an economic boom, among other things, through the export of oranges, tea and tobacco. About 250,000 people live on the islands, the majority of which are Portuguese citizens.

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